Through the use of our creativity, innovation, knowledge, quality, service attitude and fashion sense we aim to fulfill every expectation of yours.

OTOJAL.company, founded in 1983, is dedicated to textile printing for haute couture and prêt-à-porter. Originally started in Guimarães, this family-oriented partnership keeps its purpose to ensure the provision of a quality service.

The determination to continually improve and increasingly provide better services originated the change of the company plant in 1990. Spite of the difficulties which the textile industry began to face in that decade, OTOJAL brand has managed to remain active in the domestic market, most due to its working ability that has been recognized since its beginning.

Nowadays, OTOJAL stands for over 15000 m2 and over 100 employees, settling its position in the national markets of Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany and Russia, as well as North Africa markets, too.

OTOJAL performance in the markets has provided the growing recognition of its importance as service provider, not only for its quality products, as well as its production process efficiency, investment in advanced technologies, competitive prices and the professionalism and dedication of the entire working crew.

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